To the Prime Minister and the Chair of Parliament of Bulgaria


I learnt with great grief, sorrow and fear that the Bulgarian Parliament and Government plan to cut the funding of the Bulgarian Academy and Sofia University to the level which would make impossible to run further the research and teaching activities of these two scientific bodies.

This is largely perceived as an arbitrary, undeserved, aggressive act.

Both the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and the University of Sofia bring Science, Education, Dignity and Honor to your country Bulgaria.

I and my colleagues kindly ask you to re-assess the situation and give up such an adverse decision. You should be aware that once stopped, the research or university teaching could never be re-started, as such activities were established historically. You might be going to do an imense prejudice to your country, and to all of us scientific researchers and professors worldwide.

With the best wishes, and trust in your wise judgment,


Marian Apostol
Professor of Theoretical Physics,
Institute for Atomic Physics,
Magurele-Bucharest MG-6, POBox MG-35, Romania