In May of 2009, I had an opportunity to visit the Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (B. A. S.). There I presented a lecture on my current research results to researchers from that Institute, from elsewhere in the B. A. S., and from Sofia University. The audience was large, listened attentively, and asked good questions afterward. Some attendees were more familiar with my older work than I was! I am not often treated to such an audience because my work is somewhat advanced and not too many people can understand it. I was impressed with the quality of science in Bulgaria, a small country that had gained its independence only twenty years earlier. I have had a high opinion of Bulgaria's research standards ever since, and have spoken about it internationally. I have been expecting, with this strong base, that science in Bulgaria would get better and better in future years. I agreed to visit Bulgaria because I knew of the work of XXXXXX and XXXXXX, whom I have referenced in my own publications. Dr. XXXXX had won a grant a number of years ago from the U.S. government to visit institutions in the U.S. He visited my laboratory at that time and gave an excellent presentation of his results, which were detailed and showed no inconsistency with those from my laboratory, allowing us to learn from him. I know Prof. XXXXX to be an excellent quantum chemist from his calculations relating to the properties of zeolite catalysts; others in my department know of his work and he is respected in the U.S. and worldwide. These are world class scientists whose work deserves the support of their government, for the advancement of Bulgaria.


Please continue to support science in Bulgaria. Your scientists are creating a strong international reputation for your small country, and are providing a base for your nation's growth, both for your industry and for your scientific future.


Karl Seff
Professor Emeritus of Chemistry
University of Hawaii
Honolulu, Hawaii 96822-2275
U. S. A.