To the Prime Minister and the Chair of Parliament of Bulgaria


During the last 30 years, my scientific effort has been closely connected with Bulgarian science. 2 years ago I was awarded by the great honor to be elected a Foreign Member of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, which explains my concern about scientific research development in your country, particularly, space research.

In the 1960-70s, Bulgaria started to explore space, and since then significant results have been obtained in studies of cosmic plasma and the Earth`s magnetosphere, in space life sciences, Solar system planets research, and space device engineering. The flight of Bulgarian astronauts, the "Bulgaria-1300" mission, a number of medical research activities within the "LULIN" program, and a series of other outstanding space research projects contributed to the formation of a school of competent scientists, engineers recognized in the world scientific community. Due to the obtained knowledge and experience in space exploration Bulgarian experts on equal terms take part in (and as a rule, won) competitive tenders for participating in new international projects such as "Fobos-Grunt", "RESONANCE", ISS-projects such as "Expose", "BIOPAN", "Deep Space", "Test-Bed Facilities", "Matreshka", "Obstanovka", and the India's lunar probe "Chandrayaan".

Taking into account scientific and technical potential of my colleagues, I consider it important that when reorganizing the institutions of the BAS, one should to maintain as much as possible the broad experience, staff resources and the best traditions of Bulgarian science which constitute not only Bulgarian but also the European community's wealth. Developing and expanding of space explorations in which Bulgaria has established itself as one of renown leaders will interest and attract young people to science. And it is necessary to bring up a well-educated and skillful generation which always determines the future of a country, either in Bulgaria, Russia, or any other country in the world.

I regret to say that the experience of some countries including our country did not always turn out to be satisfactory when they tried to follow some good extraneous advices (even if it was well-intentioned) and blindly copy the structures of scientific organizations in other countries without considering the established traditions and national peculiarities. In any way, one should be careful and cautious when realizing reorganization in such a conservative sphere as science in which good traditions is a result of efforts of several generations, however, decades may take to restore what has been ruined.

I am strongly convinced that the high level of Bulgarian space science is not only the national patrimony of Bulgaria, but a wealth of the world scientific community as well, and it worth being supported in every way possible. We hope that Bulgarian scientists will again as it has happens before enrich world science with new bright discoveries.

Yours sincerely,

Foreign Member of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences,
Member of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine,
Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences,
Officer cross award of a first degree from Polish president. 
COSPAR Bureau member,
Laureate of the Humboldt Research Award,
Director of Space Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences,
Lev Zelenyi